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We are part of a network of collaborating partners across Scotland all with the same goal of helping Malawian communities develop sports.


Tafika is one such Youth Organisation and by May 2023 Tafika had set up over 200 sports teams (football, netball, volleyball and rugby). Tafika organise the teams, provide coaches and referees and also provide a pathway for the youth from their region to reach the national teams. They now have players in the Malawian Netball, Volleyball and Football youth teams. 

Other organisations we work with include Play Soccer Malawi and Play Football Malawi.

Sports is being used as a means for behaviour change and Tafika tell us it reduces teenage pregnancies and alcoholism and improves the school grades for participating students. Sport also glues communities together, giving a reason for large crowds to turn out on a Saturday to watch the match and cheer on their team.

Crowds are large and one of our network, Talk about Tsetse uses the crowds at matches to pass on information about local health issues. 


The Strips4Malawi network provide teams with strips and footwear donated from the UK and are currently sending 30-40 boxes of sports equipment every 6 months.


Do you or your club want to get involved?

Click here and give your kit a second life

Inspired by this? Please donate £2 to cover the shipping cost for a pair of sports shoes

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