NGOLI Project

We have focused our efforts on one rural community in northern Zambia, helping with healthcare and education. We have a 'Sponsor a Child' program helping 'vulnerable but viable' children to attend higher education so they can get a job and live their dreams.



Tiko is a community based project aiming to help people help themselves. The projects funded provide infrastructure, tools and learning to help people improve their lives and their communities.


Computers for Schools  

A modern education needs students to have the chance to learn computing. Hardware is hard to get hold of and expensive to maintain. Have a look at how our project seeks to tackle this issue in Malawi

PAST Projects 

We have completed many projects already, from power and water provision to the building of libraries and sponsoring of basic medical research initiatives.

  • Charity details:

  • Zambia and Malawi Community Partnership (ZMCP)  was formerly known as Fighting Poverty in Zambia FPZ. It is a Charitable Trust and our UK Registered Charity Number is 1136225. We are also registered in Zambia as LCO96556.

​​Contact us:

If you'd like to help please contact Kate & Mick here

Partners and Legals:

You can view our charity and our report and accounts at the Charity Commission website 

ZMCP also works with Zambia’s Scholarship Fund (US Charity CFC number 10806) and the Tikondane organisation 

Data Usage  - You can view our Data Usage Policy here

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