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Schools in Malawi are in desperate need of computers so students can learn the skills they need to join the labour market. To give an example of how tough things are lets consider Northern Province of Malawi where there are 250 Secondary Schools, only 100 of which have electricity!


We believe in re-purposing UK hardware (running Windows 7 and above), cleaning the data from the hard drive, loading up useful software and shipping the machines to Malawi. We work with partners such as Turing Trust and IT Schools Africa to try and create a pathway for your hardware to end up in front of a Malawian student. 

We also recognise the key need for computers to be maintained and work with partners in Malawi to provide these services (you can read more about how we do this in our briefing note below). 

We also believe hardware on its own is not the answer and work with Padziwe a Malawian based company who have built up a huge library of digital lessons that map to the Malawi MSCE curriculum. By combining Hardware and Malawi specific lessons we can turbocharge the learning opportunity of the students.  

If you have computers you would like to donate please contact Mick James via WhatsApp +44(0)7850501394, if you would like to donate funds to put hardware onto school desks then please use the donation button below.

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