Meet our Team

Kate James


Kate managed a national quality of care and efficiency improvement program for the Scottish Government Health Directorate, working closely with the clinical community across Scotland.  She has traveled extensively and has a 30 year relationship with Ngoli Village.

Mick James


Mick worked in financial services for 25 years managing products, investing in start ups and helping to build new business lines. He has traveled and rock climbed extensively and has a 30 year relationship with Ngoli Village.

Alison Greener


Alison has a background in IT and is currently a maths teacher. She has been a trustee since 2019.

John Greener


Successful business owner involved with the charity for 5 years and a trustee since 2019.

Jeff Claughton


Jeff is a retired engineer who lived and worked in Zambia.

Nigel Watt


Nigel is a retired civil servant who lived and worked throughout Africa.

  • Charity details:

  • Zambia and Malawi Community Partnership (ZMCP)  was formerly known as Fighting Poverty in Zambia FPZ. It is a Charitable Trust and our UK Registered Charity Number is 1136225. We are also registered in Zambia as LCO96556.

​​Contact us:

If you'd like to help please contact Kate & Mick here

Partners and Legals:

You can view our charity and our report and accounts at the Charity Commission website 

ZMCP also works with Zambia’s Scholarship Fund (US Charity CFC number 10806) and the Tikondane organisation 

Data Usage  - You can view our Data Usage Policy here

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