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Our Aims:

Zambia and Malawi Community Partnership (ZMCP) was created in June 2020 to allow the trustees to extend, to Malawi, the work of the original charity, Fighting Poverty in Zambia (FPZ), first established as a Charitable Trust in 2009. Like its predecessor, ZMCP is managed by a board of volunteer Trustees with the following aims:


  • To implement new sustainable, long-term projects or provide support for existing projects, in communities in Zambia and Malawi.

  • To assist in the provision of education, training and healthcare projects to enable communities to generate sustainable incomes and to be self-sufficient.

  • To prevent poverty in Zambia and Malawi by providing grants and services to rural communities in need and/or other charities or organisations working with similar aims.


You can look us up on the Charity Commission website and can see our Charitable Object which is:

  • The prevention or relief of poverty in Zambia and Malawi in such ways as the trustees think fit.


How we achieve our aims and spend your money:


  • We set out to deliver all of your money to the people who need it most. Our Board are all volunteers and the charity’s only costs are bank and web hosting charges.

  • Please note our charity accounts show ZMCP holding cash reserves. We do this because we believe in investing in people for the long term. As a result, when a Secondary School scholarship student starts in our program we commit to helping them for their entire (potentially 8 year) educational journey. The first year at Secondary School costs £200 (2021), but, for example, the entire journey to educate a student to become a qualified nurse costs around £2,400-£3,000 (2021)

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